Environment Management Plan

Environment Management Plan

The proposal of Environment Management Plan (E.M.P) aims to mitigate measures to restore and preserve the eco-system of the possible adverse impacts if any due to proposed projects. The mitigation steps are used to minimize or prevent negative impacts on environment due to proposed development activity. The environment impact, which may occur are considered on following lines:

Eco-System (Both Aquatic & Terrestrial).

Individual Species.

Geophysical Environment of the area.

Human Population.

Main objective of the EMP is to identify the project specific activities that would be considered for investigation of the significant adverse impacts and the mitigation measures required.

The E.M.P. shall start from planning stage itself and should focus on:

A summary of biologically rich areas.

Catchment area treatment plan.

Compensatory afforestation scheme.

Landscaping of colonies, quarries and other works.

Environment monitoring management during construction and post construction period.

Provision of necessary filtration and bacteriological treatment is provided for water supply.

Community toilets and kitchens are provided.

The fuel used in these community kitchens can be lpg or diesel /k. Oil.

Solid waste management.

Avoid unnecessary use of energy, water and other resources.

Green belt development (compensatory afforestation): The main objective of the green belt is to provide a barrier between the source of pollution and the surrounding areas.

It includes :


Nursery Development

Selection of Species for Planting