Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met. All records including test reports and certifications as required under the terms of the purchase order and which document the quality of items provided are retained. We take care that the material and components delivered to be defect free. Product met all purchase order, contract requirements, referenced specifications. We also maintain an inspection system which will assure product delivery of zero defect(s). If applicable, we submit all the relevant test certificates required at the time of supply of the material. Quality Control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects, and reports to management who make the decision to allow or deny the release and quality assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production, and associated processes, to avoid, or at least minimize, issues that led to the defects in the first place.

The objectives of the Quality Assurance System are :

a. To maintain an effective Quality Assurance

b. To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company's reputation with customers.

c. To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements.

d. To endeavour, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided by Net Work Systems.